Points of Impact: June 11, 2022

ICYMI: Great Outdoors Month; Walther's new .22 Mag.; Sharpshooter Showdown and more ...

by posted on June 11, 2022
Target With Rifle Holes

While most of us probably enjoy the outdoors every month of the year in some fashion, June— Great Outdoors Month—is about more than just partaking in outdoor activities. It encourages acts of service, donations and appreciation for all of the maintenance, hard work and dedication it takes to keep our lands in good condition. Read more here.

NRA Women columnist Melissa Bachman knows all about spending time outdoors year round. This week she offers another set of reasons why the outdoors is good for your health, both physical and mental, in "15 More Reasons to Get Outside This Summer."

And like Melissa Bachman, more women are choosing to make their living working in jobs in the outdoor industry. NRA Women's Samantha Mann attended a professional conference, where she met four such extraordinary young women who are cultivating their career path in the outdoors. Read about them here.

Which reminds us: While you're outdoors, remember to always practice situational awareness. You can often successfully interrupt an unexpected situation just through your "command presence"—an important self-defense tool. Even women who are soft-spoken or have a high-pitched voice can summon command presence. If you are one of those women who don't have natural command presence, columnist Jo Deering tells you how.​

Since we're talking self-defense, keep an eye out for the newly released Walther Arms’ .22 Mag. pistol. While the issue of whether .22 caliber handguns make sense for self-defense is hotly debated, the simple fact is The .22 you have on you is always going to be better than the .45 you left at home. Find out what you can expect of this magnum pistol and it’s impressive specs here.

Lastly, a departure from reality. As Freddy vs. Jason has taught us, we all love a hypothetical matchup. Who do you think would win a in a classic shootout between some of history's most infamous snipers. “Lady Death” Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Chris Kyle of American Sniper fame, the winter warrior Simo Häyhä or legendary combat shooter Carlos Hathcock? NRA Family contributor David Herman dissects the possibilities in Sharpshooter Showdown.

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