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Tips & Tactics | Tatiana Whitlock: Transition With a Handheld Light

Tatiana Whitlock is a Refuse to Be a Victim® and NRA-certified basic pistol instructor, trained range safety officer, Krav Maga student and self-defense expert. In this episode of Tips & Tactics,Tatiana suggests always carrying a handheld light.

Tips & Tactics | Kristy Titus: Preparing For a Hunt

Kristy Titus has embarked on countless hunts and knows that once you’re in the field, you need to be prepared for anything.

Tips & Tactics | Gabby Franco: Think Effectively

Like all other sports, shooting is a mental game. Gabby explains that to do well it’s important to move past thinking positively and instead think effectively. Focus on what you CAN control.

Tips & Tactics | Gabby Franco: Optical Illusion

The target often looks smaller than your front sights when aiming to shoot. Gabby reminds us that this isn’t actually the case; it’s an optical illusion.

Tips & Tactics | Gabby Franco: Cross-Dominant Shooting

Many shooters struggle with being cross dominant, meaning their dominant eye is the opposite of their dominant hand.

Tips & Tactics | Vera Koo: Becoming A Warrior

Whether it's getting involved in competitive shooting or firing a gun for the very first time, Vera Koo has overcome the fears that come along with new experiences. True champions are those that never give up and become warriors. Vera encourages shooters to focus on each victory—no matter how small—in order to keep growing and improving.

Target to Target: How to Master the Transition

The key to perfecting this skill is remembering that your eye leads the way.

Tips & Tactics | Julianna Crowder: Gunphobia

A Girl and Gun's Julianna Crowder offers tips for overcoming a fear of firearms. 

Tips & Tactics | Julianna Crowder: Range Etiquette

A Girl and A Gun's Julianna Crowder offers these seven tips to keep in mind that will instantly earn you the respect of everyone at the range.

Love at First Shot | S1 E4 Ammo: "Anatomy 101"

It seems like there’s a different round of ammo for every day of the year, but there are easy ways to know which type fits your needs the best. Join host Natalie Foster to learn about the science and application of these rounds at ammunition manufacturer, Hornady in part one of our three-part episode.

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