Weatherby Man And Woman Hunter

Should You Hunt With Your Significant Other?

Is hunting with your significant other a great bonding experience or a disaster waiting to happen?

3 Animals You Can Hunt This Summer

All the popular hunting seasons are about over by this time of year—but you can still scratch your hunting itch.

The Second Amendment Is for Everyone

Our best chance of preserving our 2A rights is to stick together.

5 Rookie Mistakes On Your First Duck Hunt

Going duck hunting for the first time? Here are some bloopers to avoid.


What You're Really at Risk From

Keep yourself safe by knowing the facts about violence against women and where the greatest threats lie.

Hunting Dilemma: What If I Shoot an Animal I Didn't Mean to Shoot?

You thought you were shooting one animal, but after you pulled the trigger, you discovered that what you shot was in violation of a game law. Now what?

5 Ways to Ruin a Duck Hunt

Any of these five blunders have the potential to sink your duck hunt.

5 Ways to Ruin a Deer Hunt

Making any one of these mistakes has the potential to turn a day in the deer woods into a miserable experience.


Controlling and Using Your Fear

Fear is actually a good thing because it keeps us safe. Here’s how we can use our fear to our advantage while not letting it spin us out into paranoia.

Hunting Dilemma: Whose Deer Is It?

One person wounds an animal, but another person kills it. Who keeps it?

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