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Tips & Tactics | Gabby Franco: USPSA Gear

In this episode, Gabby shares the specific gear needed if you’re interested in entering USPSA competitions.

Tips & Tactics | Gabby Franco: Think Effectively

Like all other sports, shooting is a mental game. Gabby explains that to do well it’s important to move past thinking positively and instead think effectively. Focus on what you CAN control.

Tips & Tactics | Gabby Franco: AR-15 Stance

There are multiple ways to shoot an AR-15 from the standing position. In this episode, Gabby demonstrates one option.

Tips & Tactics | Gabby Franco: Optical Illusion

The target often looks smaller than your front sights when aiming to shoot. Gabby reminds us that this isn’t actually the case; it’s an optical illusion.

Tips & Tactics | Gabby Franco: Bolt Action Grip & Trigger Pull

Precision rifle shooting is much different than shooting at close range.

Tips & Tactics | Gabby Franco: Cross-Dominant Shooting

Many shooters struggle with being cross dominant, meaning their dominant eye is the opposite of their dominant hand.

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