Yackley Husband And Wife On The Range

Talking Guns: Sharing What You Love Without Turning People Off 

Here are a few ideas to help you share what you love, especially with those you are closest to, without causing people to wish they’d “swiped left.”

Understanding Firearms: What is an AR?

New to firearms? Learn why the AR is a versatile and extremely friendly platform for new gun owners.

What New Gun Owners Should Know About Pistol Magazines

Understanding the various parts of a firearm helps new shooters to develop into more responsible gun owners.

Social Camouflage: Building Gray Habits

Here's how to maintain a solid personal safety plan while embracing the freedom of being unnoticed.

How to Safely Load & Unload Your Pump-Action Shotgun

Winchester's Becky Yackley demonstrates the step-by-step to safely manipulate your slide-action scattergun.

Understanding Gun Handling Terminology: Slide Lock and How Your Gun Gets There

Confidently and safely manipulating your firearm is a gun owner’s responsibility. Find out how and why to lock back your slide.

How to Perform a Press Check

A press check is an essential part of gun safety—especially if you carry concealed. Here's how to do it like a pro.

The Best Gifts for the New Firearm Owner Are Free

You don’t need a Black Friday deal to get the perfect gift for a new firearm owner …

Short List of Big Likes from a Woman on the Range

What's on champion pistol shooter Becky Yackley's Christmas list?

Tips for Time Outdoors with Elder Family Members

Here are some suggestions to make the shooting sports more accessible to your parents and grandparents for unforgettable family memories.

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