Ashley Hlebinksy Dog

Ashley Hlebinsky: Historically Speaking

A unique career has highlighted this unique woman's abilities to bridge both sides of the gun divide.

Summer’s Quail: “I Married a Game Warden’s Son …”

Hear one city dweller’s story of how she found herself in the outdoors.

Shotgun Sports: Sporting Clays Shooting 101

"Golf with a shotgun"? No, this is much more fun!

Shotgun Sports: Trap Shooting 101

Whether you're a serious wingshooter or just in it for fun, trap shooting has it all.

Shotgun Sports: Skeet Shooting 101

Have fun and become a better wingshooter with this shooting sport.

Book Review: Why Women Hunt

Younger and older, black and white, experienced veterans and relative rookies ... here's why we hunt.

Mary Draper Ingles: Iron Woman of the Frontier

Imagine traveling hundreds of miles on foot or horseback, then taking captive by force someone from another race, culture and language. Then imagine taking your captive back to your home and formally adopting the person into your own family, showing him or her the same love and respect you would shower on your closest relatives.

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