Deering Sighting In High

Why We Sight In High at 100 Yards

A lot of hunters like to sight in their rifle to hit an inch or two high at 100 yards instead of hitting the bullseye dead on. Why?

Just Go! Tips for Bringing Firearms and Skills Into Your Comfort Zone 

If you want to become better equipped and prepared, whether that means improving the skills you already possess or acquiring new skills, you simply must just start.

Fixing Fundamentals: Head Position for Any Firearm Platform

If there were ever an activity that fits the description, “It’s all in your head,” shooting firearms would be that activity!

Natural Point of Aim: What It Is and Why It’s So Important

What’s the big deal about "natural point of aim" in precision shooting?

Mentoring: Make Sure Your New Hunter Uses Enough Gun

Using the largest caliber you can effectively shoot increases the chance of game recovery—which is very important when introducing a new hunter to the activity.

5 Handgun Shooting Mistakes You Can Fix on Your Own Today

You don’t have to be a pro shooter to shoot like a champ—but advice from someone who shoots well can accelerate your learning curve and prevent you from building bad habits.

3 Things to Consider About Your Follow-Through

You’ve heard you need to follow through for good shooting—but what does that mean exactly?

When The Blood Runs Out

Blood-trailing an animal is easy as long as the trail holds up. But what do you do when the blood runs out?


Field Judging Primer: Pronghorn

If you’re new to pronghorn hunting, how do you know which one’s a shooter and which is a pass?

The Layer Cake of Long-Range Shooting

Good long-range precision shooting starts with a solid foundation and builds from there.

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