Deering Sighting In High

Why We Sight In High at 100 Yards

A lot of hunters like to sight in their rifle to hit an inch or two high at 100 yards instead of hitting the bullseye dead on. Why?

Why You Need a Round in the Chamber

So many people are too afraid of their concealed carry firearm and think they’re much safer if they carry it without a round in the chamber. Here’s why that’s just not a good idea, and how to get over the fear.

How Bad Is It … to Shoot +P Ammo?

What’s the deal with +P, anyway? Is it OK to use?

Why the AR-15 Makes a Great First Deer Gun

For a kid’s first whitetail-hunting gun, you can’t go wrong with an AR-15. Here’s why.

What’s the Plan?

Do you have an emergency something-goes-bump-in-the-night plan?

How to Be a Good Witness

If you choose not to involve yourself in a violent incident you see unfolding, here’s how you can still help by being a good witness for the police later.

How Bad Is It … to Avoid 3 ½-inch 12-Gauge Shells?

Do you need all that oomph of the 3 ½-inch 12-gauge? How bad is it to stick to shorter loads?

Metal vs Polymer Mags: Is One Better Than the Other?

When shopping for AR magazines, do you want steel or plastic?

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