Rao Cowboy Coffee 2

How to Make Chuckwagon Camp Cowboy Coffee 

Once you have your first cup of cowboy coffee like they were made in TV Westerns, you will be forever changed. Here are the secrets to the perfect cup.

Baited Bears for Newbies

Baiting is the predominant method of bear hunting in the U.S. How do you get started?

5 Ways to Ruin a Duck Hunt

Any of these five blunders have the potential to sink your duck hunt.

Gun Owner Dilemma: How Do I Connect With Other Women Who Shoot?

Feeling like you’re all alone in your own friend group because you’re the only one who is into firearms? How do you find other gun girls?

Gun Owner Dilemma: Living With Someone Who Doesn’t Like Guns

If you’re sharing living space with someone who isn’t a fan of guns, how do you keep the peace?

4 Gifts for New Shooters That You Can't Wrap (and One You Can)

Sometimes the best presents go unwrapped and require nothing more than your time and energy.

3 (More) Men You'll Meet if You Go to the Range Alone

Every range has one of each of these guys. How do you handle him?

The How and Why of Training Under Pressure

If all you do is shoot paper targets, you’re missing a serious part of self-defense training: How to handle adrenaline.

Second Skin: 3 Luxurious Fur WLF Auction Items

Why not treat yourself today by bidding on one of these gorgeous fur accessories?

Points of Impact: May 14, 2022

ICYMI: Hunting and Pregnancy, Ballistic Bling, Jessie Harrison Takes First Steel Master Title ...

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