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Think a Revolver is Your Best CCW Option? 3 Reasons to Think Again

The notion that a revolver is the ideal concealed-carry firearm for women—or any new gun owner—gets debunked.

The Armed Citizen® November 24, 2023

Nearly a year after being charged for defending herself with a firearm, a woman wins her legal case.

The Armed Citizen® Reload November 17, 2023

These recent accounts featuring brave armed women deserve a second read.

The Armed Citizen® Reload: November 10, 2023

These recent accounts featuring brave armed women deserve a second read.

Gun Tote’n Mamas Launches New Concealed Carry Waist-Sling

This design targets all situations demanding front-body draw wearability including wheelchair users, bike riders and horseback riders.

New for 2023: Walther PD380 Pistol

The 47 women who participated in the 5th Annual Ladies Pistol Project were unaware that they were among the first to handle and fire the Walther Arms PD380 pistol.

Dude, Your Mouth Is Printing

Here are a few suggestions on how to handle “Out Loud Carry” in the workplace.

The Pros and Cons of 9 mm Carry Revolvers

Here’s a closer look at the benefits and trade-off of snub-nose revolvers chambered in this popular semi-automatic pistol cartridge.

The Armed Citizen® October 13, 2023

A woman was in the process of bathing her child when she heard a noise at her door.

The Armed Citizen® October 6, 2023

A woman was pumping gas when she suddenly found herself wrapped in a bear hug by an armed thug. But she was also armed.

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