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Top Training Tips from Pro Shooters

Ready to up your game? Check out these tips from some of the country’s top female competitive shooters.

Small Hands, Big Gun

If you have been struggling with shooting due to small hands, check out these helpful tips. 

Tips & Tactics | Gabby Franco: USPSA Gear

In this episode, Gabby shares the specific gear needed if you’re interested in entering USPSA competitions.

Tips & Tactics | Gabby Franco: Think Effectively

Like all other sports, shooting is a mental game. Gabby explains that to do well it’s important to move past thinking positively and instead think effectively. Focus on what you CAN control.

Tips & Tactics | Gabby Franco: AR-15 Stance

There are multiple ways to shoot an AR-15 from the standing position. In this episode, Gabby demonstrates one option.

Tips & Tactics | Gabby Franco: Optical Illusion

The target often looks smaller than your front sights when aiming to shoot. Gabby reminds us that this isn’t actually the case; it’s an optical illusion.

Tips & Tactics | Gabby Franco: Bolt Action Grip & Trigger Pull

Precision rifle shooting is much different than shooting at close range.

Tips & Tactics | Gabby Franco: Cross-Dominant Shooting

Many shooters struggle with being cross dominant, meaning their dominant eye is the opposite of their dominant hand.

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