Deering Kid Doesnt Hunt

Dilemma: My Kid Has No Interest in Hunting!

You’ve long dreamed of taking your kid hunting with you, but they just aren’t into it. What can you do?

Four Factors That Make Big-Game Hunting Ammo Effective

A hunting cartridge needs these four things in order to drop animals cleanly and reliably.

Gone Fishin'—and Huntin'!

How will you celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day?

Field Judging Primer: Whitetails

Here’s your quick-and-dirty guide to judging if a whitetail is a shooter based on the rules wherever you are.

Know Your Doves!

Identifying and shooting your limit of these fast-moving targets is one of the most highly anticipated activity of fall.

I Want to Hunt Deer but I Hate Heights!

No, you don’t have to climb a tree to successfully take whitetails.

Being a Markswoman in a Marksmanship World

What's it like to be an active participant in traditionally male-dominated activities like hunting and shooting? This prolific NRA Women contributor offers her insight.

The Shame of Missing Game

Everybody misses an animal from time to time, but that doesn’t make it sting any less when it happens to you.

Nosler Offers Ammo Support and More at Oregon Ladies Hunting Camp

Participants received hands-on training and personalized guidance to help bolster their confidence in the field.

Backcountry Backups: Popular Protection Guns Used by Hunting Guides

Want to be as safe in the backcountry as your hunting guide? Here are some of the most popular firearms that make great backups.

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