Points of Impact: September 24, 2022

ICYMI: Big Trend Toward Small Guns; Range Bag Deep Dive; Why You Won't Kill a Big Deer and more ...

5 Reasons You Won’t Kill a Big Deer This Fall

With deer season coming up, your hopes are high — but if you do one of these five things, you almost certainly won’t shoot a big buck.

Points of Impact: September 17, 2022

ICYMI: Jerry Miculek Secrets; How to Handle a Game Warden; Baited Fields Explained and more ...

5 Things To Do When Being Checked by a Game Warden

Here's what you can do to set the right tone and help make sure your encounter is a friendly one.

What Is a Baited Field? 

Confused about this aspect of migratory bird hunting? You're not alone. Read on to understand the nuances—and how to stay legal—in your pursuit of birds this fall.

Points of Impact: September 10, 2022

ICYMI: The Importance of September 11 Stories; 3-Gun 101, Kids & Dove Hunting and more ...

5 Basic Bird Season Musts—and Must Nots

It is the responsibility of every hunter to know the laws regulating the species being hunted.

8 Tips for Filming Animals From a Distance

Whether you want to simply share a picture of a recently spotted big buck to your family, friends, guide on social media, there are a few tricks to making this footage the best it can be.

6 Inexpensive Products to Add to Your Pack Before Deer Season

Want to make your deer season a little bit better without spending a fortune? Here are six things you can add to your pack for very little money.

Bird Season Means Shotgun Season 

Choosing the right shotgun is more than just personal preference, as each type of hunting call for an optimal type of shotgun.

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