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3 More Hunting Guides Dish On Their Worst Clients

Hunting guides don’t do their job for the money—they’re in it for the love of hunting. But sometimes that means dealing with clients who turn dream hunts into nightmares.

More Biggest Hunt Camp Blunders Confessed

We’ve all made mistakes in hunt camp. If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

Gun Lingo 101

Gun people have their own language, it seems. If you’re new to the gun scene and struggling to learn the lingo, here are a few terms you’ll hear.

How to Pick YOUR Perfect Outfitter

Going guided? Here’s how to choose an outfitter that will meet your expectations and not dupe you.

5 Bonehead Mistakes Hunters Make with Their Rifle

Rifle hunting isn’t as simple as pick-up-and-go. Avoid these five major mistakes rifle hunters tend to make.

One Gun to Rule Them All

Just for fun, have you ever thought about what you’d want to own if you could only have one gun in a TEOTWAWKI situation?

Why You Should Learn to Shoot With Your Off-Hand

You never know when something will go wrong and you’ll need to improvise—which includes shooting from your non-dominant side.

Three Hunting Guides Dish on Their Worst Clients

Hunting guides have seen it all, and if you can get them talking without naming names, they’ll have great stories about clients. Here are three good ones.

4 Reasons Your Precision Shooting Isn’t So Precise

Struggling with your long-range precision shooting? Here are four reasons you might be missing the mark.

The Art of Naming Your Gun

The nicknames we select for our firearms are a reflection of our personalities. Does your gun have a name?

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