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3 Reasons You Missed That Aren’t the Gun’s Fault

We all miss the occasional deer or turkey, and it’s almost never the gun’s fault.

Capability vs. Capacity: What's the Difference?

When it comes to defending yourself or your loved ones, you need both capability and capacity.

5 Reasons You Won’t Kill a Big Deer This Fall

With deer season coming up, your hopes are high — but if you do one of these five things, you almost certainly won’t shoot a big buck.

The Two Types of Human Predators

There are two basic types of human predators, and you sometimes need to handle them in different ways—so it’s smart to learn the difference.


What to Do—and What Not do Do—When Prepping an Animal for Taxidermy

You harvested a beautiful specimen you want to have mounted. Now what do you do?

6 Inexpensive Products to Add to Your Pack Before Deer Season

Want to make your deer season a little bit better without spending a fortune? Here are six things you can add to your pack for very little money.

Double-Edged Sword: Women’s Intuition

Your intuition is great at keeping you out of danger—but it’s not so great as a justification in self-defense court.  

The Two Types of Violence

There are two broad types of violence/assault. Here’s how to recognize which type of situation you might be in and how to get out.

5 Rookie Mistakes On Your First Duck Hunt

Going duck hunting for the first time? Here are some bloopers to avoid.


Self-Defense Exercise: Think Like a Criminal

You can improve your situational awareness by putting yourself in a predator’s shoes.

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