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Take aim at two lethal threats: human attackers and breast cancer.

Tips & Tactics | Kristy Titus: Making Ethical Hunting Shots

Because making ethical shots on a big-game hunt is a must, here are a few things you'll want to keep in mind when setting up for your shot.

Tips & Tactics | Kristy Titus: Preparing For a Hunt

Kristy Titus has embarked on countless hunts and knows that once you’re in the field, you need to be prepared for anything.

Tips & Tactics | Kristy Titus: Bolt-Action Rifle Fit

No matter the type of firearm you're handling, fit is key. There is no "one size" fits all gun, and for that reason it may be necessary to make some adjustments to your gun to make it the best fit for you.

Tips & Tactics | Kristy Titus: Sight Picture

Having a clear sight picture is essential to making precise and accurate shots. When shooting with a rifle, a scope is a great tool that can help shooters see a sight picture that would otherwise be faraway, near and clear. However, taking a shot with the wrong sight picture in your scope will end up hurting your shot outcome.

Tips & Tactics | Kristy Titus: Natural Point of Aim

Finding your natural point of aim (NPA) is one of the most important aspects of downrange accuracy. The goal of NPA is to lessen natural body movement that could affect your shot.

Tips & Tactics | Kristy Titus: Positional Shooting

It's easy to get into a routine of shooting from the same position whether you're in a range or field setting. But the best way to test and improve your skills is to push yourself out of that comfort zone and shoot from different positions.

Tips & Tactics | Kristy Titus: Using a Bipod in the Field

The supply of additional firearm parts and gear seems endless, so how do you choose which additions are necessary? In this episode of Tips & Tactics, sponsored by Cabela's Outdoor Fund, Kristy Titus makes her case for why your rifle needs a bipod—especially if you plan to go afield. Though it's another piece of gear that adds weight to your pack, a bipod is a tool that can be utilized on a hunt to help you make an accurate shot when it counts the most. Gabby Franco agrees that bipods are a worthwhile investment even if you don't plan to go in the field.

Tips & Tactics | Kristy Titus: The Dollar Bill Barrel Test

To ensure the greatest downrange accuracy, you want to be sure that nothing is touching the barrel of your rifle. Here's a simple test to find out.

Tips & Tactics | Kristy Titus: Physical & Mental Components of a Hunt

It's difficult to replicate the adrenaline and excitement of the hunt, but adding physical and mental pressures to your training will help reveal fundamental errors that are made with external stressors.

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