Bachman Digiscoping 5

8 Tips for Filming Animals From a Distance

Whether you want to simply share a picture of a recently spotted big buck to your family, friends, guide on social media, there are a few tricks to making this footage the best it can be.

Honoring our Heroes Through Folds of Honor

Melissa Bachman shares her message of appreciation—along with other members of Team Winchester—to our fallen heroes and their families.

The Secrets to Self-Sufficiency (and Peaches in Winter)

While being a great hunter/gatherer means time in the field, it all starts in your garden—and knowing how to prepare food for long-term storage.

Points of Impact: August 6, 2022

ICYMI: Bucket-List Adventures, Duck-Season To-Dos, Outdoor & CCW Apparel Reviews ...

Melissa Bachman’s 5 Bucket List Adventures

You would think that international huntress Melissa Bachman would have accomplished just about every outdoor feat on her list by now. But it turns out she's far from being done.

8 Most Beautiful Locations I’ve Hunted

Melissa Bachman has hunted all over the world. Here are her eight most scenic destinations.

New for 2022: Silencer Central Banish 46 Suppressor

Hunter, shooter and Second Amendment ambassador Melissa Bachman explains why this is her new favorite silencer.

Doctor's Orders: Another 15 Reasons to Get Outside This Summer

Keep your spring and summer packed with fun outdoor activities for the whole family with these 15 easy and cheap ideas.

Doctor's Orders: 15 More Reasons to Get Outside This Summer

Melissa Bachman might not be a doctor, but she knows time outside with family is good for your health.

Doctor's Orders: 15 Reasons to Get Outside This Summer

They say the six best doctors are sunshine, water, rest, fresh air, exercise and a good diet. Here are just a few ways to get your daily medicine!

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