Karen Mehall Phillips Poma Award 2023

NRA's Karen Mehall Phillips Honored with POMA Writing Award

The NRA HLF Communications Director's award-winning article highlighted a sneaky slip-in to a seemingly positive USFWS Hunt Fish Rule.

NRA Hunters' Leadership Forum Supports Hunters for the Hungry Programs

The 2023 subsidy program for the HFH programs in the United States increases to $100,000.

Boone & Crockett Club and NRAHLF Partner to Create Online Hunter Ethics Learning Module

The groups are joining forces to help communicate the importance of Fair Chase ethics when hunters head to the field.

S.D. Gov. Kristi Noem to Receive NRA Hunters Leadership Award at NRA Annual Meetings

Noem's staunch and outspoken support of America's outdoor traditions and freedoms is inspirational to all.

Hunters for the Hungry Subsidy Program Now Accepting Funding Requests

Hunters for the Hungry donates millions of meals to charities and programs focused on feeding the less fortunate every year. 

Tickets Selling Fast for NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum Dinner & Auction

Save your seat at the table for the NRA’s annual celebration of hunters and hunting.

Hunters for the Hungry Programs Get Boost from NRA Hunters' Leadership Forum

NRA's new level of support includes the creation of a $50,000 fund available to HFH affiliates throughout the country.

Why Putting Deer On Birth Control Doesn't Work

Putting whitetails on "The Pill" won't control their population. Only hunting does that; here's why.

Hunting Saves Species: A Tale of Two Birds

Both the bald eagle and the wild turkey are American icons ... and hunters helped save them.

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