Rao Firearm Instructor Mistakes Lede 2

5 Mistakes Firearms Instructors Should Avoid

Try these tips for what not to do if you are trying to put your best foot forward as a firearm instructor.

The Real Value in Evaluating Your Firearm Instructor

If an instructor is good, word spreads fast. If an instructor is not good, word spreads faster. Here's why your students' opinions matter.

3 Ways Aging Firearm Instructors Can Stay Effective 

We are accustomed to making accommodations when training senior citizens the fundamentals of shooting, but what about when the instructor starts to age out?

Firearm Trainers: 4 Dangerous Pitfalls to Avoid

Firearm training is about as serious as a business gets. If you are an instructor, it's incumbent on you to run a safe class.

On Her Own: Choosing the Right Firearm Training Class for You

This is the next step in your journey to becoming a capable and responsible gun owner. But how can you tell if you’re choosing a worthwhile class?

Gun Safety Training: Why Two Instructors are Better Than One

How is a female gun instructor’s teaching style different than a man’s?

Understanding What NRA Does for Hunters

Calling all NRA women! Tap into these opportunities as no group does more for us than the NRA.

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