Tips to Prevent Being Carjacked

Minimize your chances of being a carjacking victim by taking simple precautions.

Campsite Safety: How to Hang a Bear Bag

Knowing how to properly hang a bear bag can keep YOU off the menu.

Party on the Range: How to Safely Host a Multi-Person Range Day

Two's company, but three or more on the range can be a crowd. Here's how to properly accommodate a safe and fun experience.

What Are Transfer Bars?

Here's how to check to see if your revolver has this safety device.  

How to Choose a Safe Holster

While safe gun handling is always incumbent on the operator, there are three simple ways to identify whether your holster is also up to the job.

Recognizing Transition Zones

Most robberies, assaults and other acts of violence occur in transition zones. What are they and how do you keep yourself safe in a transition zone?

Points of Impact: December 3, 2022

ICYMI: Where the Real Risks Lie, Rookie Hunting Mistakes We All Make ...

10 Firearm Safety Rules to Follow While Hunting

The main safety rules apply to all firearm-related activities—with a few more for hunting.

The 10 Rules of Ammunition Safety

It is critical to identify which ammunition is the correct type for the firearm you will be shooting BEFORE you shoot.

Range Safety Do’s and Don’ts

Before you hit the gun range for a fun shooting day, brush up on the do’s and don’ts of range safety.

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