Huntress Hating Haunt Lede

October Spooky Series: The Huntress-Hating Haunt of Carrabassett Valley

I'm usually the most terrifying thing in the deep, dark woods. This is the true story of the time I wasn't.

October Spooky Series: The Bennington Triangle

What is it about this little corner of Vermont that seems to swallow hikers whole?

Points of Impact: October 8, 2022

ICYMI: Spooky Series Reanimates, Shooting While Winded, Dealing With "Problem" Students ...

October Spooky Series: Gevaudan's Reign of the Wolf

The tale of a woman who triumphed where all the king’s horses and all the king’s men failed.

October Spooky Series: National Forest Serial Killer

Man-eating animals aren’t the only monsters possibly lurking in the woods.

October Spooky Series: Savagery and Survival in Siberia

Is this another tragic outdoor enigma, or the answer to the mystery of the Dyatlov Pass?

October Spooky Series: Blood Falls

Why is a glacier in Antarctica bleeding?

October Spooky Series: The Pavagada Beast Nightmare

Forty years ago, five girls disappeared into the night. What took them, and how?

October Spooky Series: The Door to Hell

This crater that has been burning for decades is a mysterious phenomenon you have to see to believe.

October Spooky Series: Death Valley

The mystery of a foreign family of four, and the strange tale of how it was solved.

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