Remington I Need A Ride T Shirt

Remington "I Need Ammo" T-Shirt Sales Generate $100K Donation

The donation will go to support the humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine.

Hornady Joins Industry Partners in Sending Ammo to Ukraine

The ammunition supply will be delivered to freedom fighting forces in Ukraine.

Kimber Donates Handguns and Rifles to Ukraine

The American gun maker has donated 200 handguns and 20 rifles to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Major American Ammo Makers Donate Millions of Rounds to Ukraine

Following the donation by Ammo Inc., Remington, Federal, Speer and CCI are the latest to give to the war-torn country. 

Gun Rights & the Gods of the Copybook Headings

A century-old Kipling poem is eerily prophetic for gun-rights supporters … here and in Ukraine.

She Is Armed and She Is Ready to Fight

It is with pride that NRA Women are witnessing a familiar patriotic spirit in their Ukrainian sisters in arms.

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