Woman At Range With Man

3 Reasons to Find Love at the Gun Club

If you're looking for a life partner, the gun club is a great place for NRA Women to find one.

NRA Women’s Guide to Father’s Day Gift Giving

Buying a gift for Dad or spouse can be a puzzle, but we’ve solved it.

What Cooper's Color Code Means For Women

Women sometimes must practice situational awareness a little differently than men...

Self-Defense for Women: Being All Ears

Do those earbuds say "leave me alone," or "I'm not paying attention"? Regardless of your gender, if you spend much time out in public by yourself, you've probably done it. 

5 More Subtle Ways to Stage Your Defensive Guns

Here’s how to hide your home-defense gun where you need it the most.

How COVID-19 Social Distancing Boosts Self-Defense Strategy

An unexpected self-defense benefit emerges from this worldwide pandemic.

4 Things You REALLY Need For Your Hunting Trip

You've got your gun, ammo and license ... but what about the "real" necessities?

Why NRA Women Should Never Fear the Wilderness

Here's why they really ARE more afraid of you than you are of them.

4 Myths About Hunting (That Need to Go Away Already)

The author debunks some myths about hunting.

How to Not Get Bitten By Venomous Snakes

It's one of the most common outdoor fears, and one of the least likely to happen (with these tips).

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