Bacon Venison Rolls Lede

Two Great Ground Venison Recipes

If you’ve still got ground venison in the freezer from last fall, these two recipes will help you use it up.

Two Ways to Cook a Deer Roast in the Slow Cooker

Long on deer roasts but short on time? Try these two set-and-forget slow cooker recipes.


How Bad Is It … To Let Someone Else Do My Field-Dressing and Meat Processing?

Is it a problem to let someone else handle the “dirty work” for you after you harvest an animal?

Hunting Dilemma: I Like to Hunt but I Don’t Eat Game Meat

Is it OK to hunt if you can’t or don’t want to eat game meat?

Wild Sheep Foundation’s Women Hunt Program Seeking 12 New Hunters

If you have always had the desire to try hunting, wild horses—er, sheep—shouldn’t keep you away from this opportunity.


Three Easy Ground Venison Recipes

Try these three simple recipes to use up all that ground venison in your freezer.

How Hunters Can Hunt Down Hunger for Christmas

Hunters across America can help feed the needy of their communities this Christmas by donating nutritious meat from harvested game to charitable organizations and ministries.

Why Your Game Meat Tastes So Bad

If your duck or deer tastes "gamey," there are several explanations. Here’s why it tastes so bad and what you can do next time to avoid it.

It's Official: Stacy Lyn Harris is The (New) Sporting Chef

Outdoor Channel's favorite wild-game chef, Scott Leysath, passes the torch to the right woman for the job.

Range Bag Deep Dive with 3 Seasoned Pros

If you've been shooting for a while, your range bag contents of today have no doubt expanded from your early days. 

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