Rao Markswoman Lede

Being a Markswoman in a Marksmanship World

What's it like to be an active participant in traditionally male-dominated activities like hunting and shooting? This prolific NRA Women contributor offers her insight.

NRA Women Join SCI Show’s “Women Go Hunting” Celebration in Nashville

One of NRA's leading women hunters reports from the convention center floor!

4 Great Big-Game Rifles for Women

Looking for a hunting rifle that will actually fit you? We have a few solid options you’ll want to check out.

3 Things I Did as a Woman in Hunting Camp (& One I Didn’t)

Fire up the snap caps and slap on the war paint: “That Girl” claps back.

Armed & Fabulous | A Lifetime Pursuit: Sandra Sadler

SCI Diana Award Winner Sandra Sadler began her hunting career later in life, but she embraces the world of hunting and conservation with a passion! Sandra and husband, Byron, travel the world together and give back to communities both near and far—from supporting conservation efforts in Africa to hosting the Combat Marine Outdoors program at their self-owned Two Dot Ranch.

Love at First Shot | S1 E5 First Hunt: "Turkey Tales"

Hunting Spring Turkey isn’t as easy as it sounds. Host Natalie Foster meets up with CFO of Dynamic Research Technologies Ashley Worrell in pursuit of a spring turkey of her very own.

3 Reasons Women are Better Turkey Hunters Than Men

As turkey season is in full swing everywhere, we’re going to discuss why women are just plain better at it.

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