Rao Baited Field Lede

What Is a Baited Field? 

Confused about this aspect of migratory bird hunting? You're not alone. Read on to understand the nuances—and how to stay legal—in your pursuit of birds this fall.

5 Basic Bird Season Musts—and Must Nots

It is the responsibility of every hunter to know the laws regulating the species being hunted.

Bird Season Means Shotgun Season 

Choosing the right shotgun is more than just personal preference, as each type of hunting call for an optimal type of shotgun.

We Love It: CUGA Hunting Dog Vests

If you haven’t considered an extra layer of protection for your four-legged friend, now is the time.

Are You a Migratory Bird Hunting HIP-ster?

The Harvest Information Program helps biologists estimate the number of migratory birds taken each year—and is your way of helping the sport you enjoy! 

To Steel or Not To Steel

Steel shot is a highly debated topic, but here are the rules and safety concerns you should know.

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