Deering Unwanted Taxidermy

What to Do With Unwanted Taxidermy

Need to unload some old mounts? Here’s what you can and can’t do with them, and the best way to pass your trophies on.


How Bad Is It … to Shoot Clay Targets with Steel Shot?

Can you or should you use steel shot when you’re on the skeet or sporting clays range?

How Bad Is It … to Sell a Used Gun Without a Bill of Sale?

When you transfer ownership of a firearm through a private sale in accordance with federal and state laws, be sure you use a bill of sale to protect your interests.  

Four Things Not to Comment on a Social Media Gun Photo     

Don’t be the person everyone looks at sideways because you commented one of these things on someone’s gun photo.

Field Judging Primer: Whitetails

Here’s your quick-and-dirty guide to judging if a whitetail is a shooter based on the rules wherever you are.

I Want to Hunt Deer but I Hate Heights!

No, you don’t have to climb a tree to successfully take whitetails.

Two Great Ground Venison Recipes

If you’ve still got ground venison in the freezer from last fall, these two recipes will help you use it up.

Bullet Twist Rates Made Simple

Twist rates get complicated quickly. But what’s the bottom line you need to know?

How Bad Is It … to Mix Up 5.56 and .223 Ammo?

Are 5.56 and .223 the same? What happens if you get them mixed up?

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