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Safe Gun Storage: Kid Proofing Your Guns

Learn more about the products and strategies available for preventing unauthorized access to firearms.


Presumption of Safety and the “Should” Worldview

To keep yourself safe, you must live in the world how it is, not how you wish it was.

Gun Safety and Kids: NRA’s Eddie Eagle Did It First—and Best

A national study validates what NRA has been doing for decades for millions of American schoolchildren.

Taurus Issues Safety Notice for Certain GX4 Pistols

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Additional serial numbers have been added to GX4SafetyNotice.com. 

Safety Practices for On and Off the Range

When it comes to lead and other factors, being attentive and building good habits can be enough to ensure you have decades of enjoyment with firearms and shooting sports.

5 Vehicle Safety Tips for Crime Prevention

Follow these additonal “Rules of the Road” to help keep you safe from being a crime victim while driving.

Range Dilemma: What to Do If Someone’s Being Unsafe

You’re not comfortable with the unsafe practices you’re seeing from someone you don’t know at the range. What do you do?

How to Load and Unload Common Types of Shotguns

Having a basic understanding of how these types of shotguns work is a worthy goal, especially for the new gun owner.

Tips to Prevent Being Carjacked

Minimize your chances of being a carjacking victim by taking simple precautions.

Campsite Safety: How to Hang a Bear Bag

Knowing how to properly hang a bear bag can keep YOU off the menu.

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