Woman Intimidated By Men In Street

Forget Politeness; Trust Your Instincts

Women make daily sacrifices for self-preservation, but avoiding risky situations isn’t always enough.

On Her Own: Defending Yourself Without a Gun

Here's what to do if you have to leave your gun at home.

Self-Defense for Women: Being All Ears

Do those earbuds say "leave me alone," or "I'm not paying attention"? Regardless of your gender, if you spend much time out in public by yourself, you've probably done it. 

The Armed Citizen® May 8, 2020

When a woman heard the sound of someone breaking into her home one evening, she retrieved her shotgun and hid in her bathroom.

On Her Own: Tools of Non-Defense

Many self-defense tools marketed to women are not only somewhat useless, but they can also be dangerous to the user.

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