Close Medium Far Yackley

Close, Medium, Far: Manage Your Sight Picture for Max Accuracy

Winchester's Becky Yackley explains how your pistol sight picture should change when the distance to the target does.

Sight Alignment and Sight Picture Means Hitting Your Target 

By correcting your sight alignment and sight picture, you can place your bullet where you intend!

Troubleshooting Your Target: Sight Alignment Mistakes

Here’s what to do if you’re missing the target entirely.

Tips & Tactics | Kristy Titus: Sight Picture

Having a clear sight picture is essential to making precise and accurate shots. When shooting with a rifle, a scope is a great tool that can help shooters see a sight picture that would otherwise be faraway, near and clear. However, taking a shot with the wrong sight picture in your scope will end up hurting your shot outcome.

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