Yackley Retail Range Etiquette

Range & Retail Etiquette: It’s not a Single-Party Transaction

If you want your business to grow, remembering the golden rule applies regardless of gender.

How Hollywood Stereotypes Hurt Women Gun Owners

Hollywood loves a “helpless” woman with a gun, but it gives real-life female firearm enthusiasts a bad rap.

An NRA Woman’s Guide to the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

Fill your weekend with empowering women’s events, educational information and tons of fun!

TWAW's Annual Survey of Women Gun Owners Underway

Were you a gun owner in 2021? Your participation in this anonymous survey will help the firearm industry provide the very best for women.

NSSF Survey Says Women Comprised One Third of 2021’s New Gun Owners

New gun owners are embracing their Second Amendment rights and nearly half of them are seeking out professional training.

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