6 Reactive Rimfire Targets to Light Up This Weekend

Enjoy our roundup of steel targets that’ll keep you spinning until sundown.

by posted on April 20, 2021
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While paper targets certainly have their time and place on the range, they can become boring. It is always fun to add a little variety to your training sessions. Whether you are training to improve a wide array of marksmanship skills, run defensive drills or enjoy a good old-fashioned plinking session, there are countless numbers of steel targets on the market waiting to provide you with hour upon hour of shooting enjoyment.

Nowadays, ammunition can be hard to come by and when you do find it the prices can be high. That’s why I want to take a moment to focus on targets that are geared towards the ultimate plinking round: .22 Long Rifle.

NRL22 Rimfire Target Package
For those shooters who have a bit of a competitive edge, this rimfire target setup has you covered! Atlas Target Works could not have made it any easier with this package, as it contains everything you need to train in of the National Rifle League .22 (NRL22). Simply supply your own ¾” conduit, which costs less than the combo meal you had for lunch and can be found at your local hardware store, and you are all set to hit the range. Set up is a breeze, and the included barbed hooks kept my targets in place without the need for further reinforcement. The targets are cut from AR400 steel, making them ideal for training with .22 LR. For a complete match training system, the small footprint into which this setup packs down is a huge bonus, especially if you have a trunk full of guns and ammo you happen to be bringing along to the range. atlastargetworks.com

Rimfire Bullseye Target
Aim small, miss small! This is the name of the game when it comes to the Rimfire Bullseye Target from Challenge Targets. I chose the head assembly option and used a 2x4 and target base I had from a previous setup, but this target is also sold as a complete unit—including the base, if you should require the whole kit and caboodle. This target is constructed from AR500 steel and is rated for .22 LR. Test your limits and aim for the .90” hole within the bullseye plate to flip the paddle, or remove the bullseye plate altogether to flip the 4” paddle left to right and work on transitions and speed. challengetargets.com

Spinning Target System
Grab-and-go ease, paired with instantaneous setup, make this steel spinner a favorite among plinksters of any age. Are you one of the forgetful types? No worries, Shooting Made Easy (SME) has your back. Their Spinning Target System has attached folding support arms—simply swing out, press into the ground and fire away! The neon-green paint job on these spinners makes them undeniably visible as they stand out against any background. Rated for rounds up to .22 LR, speedy shooters can keep this target spinning round and round without breaking the bank. The low price point of this target also allows you to invest more money in ammunition … or another target system! shootingmadeeasy.com

World of Targets Expert Resetting Gallery Target
Hitting the range alone? Don’t feel like walking downrange? The World of Targets Expert Resetting Gallery Target from Birchwood Casey is here to save the day … or at least a few steps! This target system features five paddles coming in just shy of 2” wide making them more challenging to hit, especially when placed at distance! Rated for .22 LR, this target system uses an inventive twist design in lieu of a common weld, eliminating the worry of sending a round into a potential weak spot and rendering the target inoperable. Shooting this target is a blast. Simply hit the bottom row of paddles first, then send a round into the top paddle to reset everything and start again! This is also a fun target system to use with friends; try placing wagers on who can hit all four paddles, then reset the system the fastest. birchwoodcasey.com

EZ-Aim Steel Silhouette Spinner Target
Featuring two armor-plated silhouette targets and a fold-flat design, the EZ-Aim Steel Silhouette Spinner Target from Allen provides a quick and easy setup when time is of the essence. The attached legs unfold and are easily pressed into the ground, keeping this system secure while in use. The two silhouette-shaped targets produce an unmistakable "Ping!" when hit, and spin around freely. Put your speed and accuracy to the test with multiple follow-up shots before the target settles back into its original position. Rated for rimfire rounds as well as centerfire pistol rounds, this target system is easy on the wallet and fun for the whole family. byallen.com


.22 Rimfire IHMSA/NRA Silhouettes        
Made from ¼” AR500 steel, the .22 Rimfire IHMSA/NRA Silhouettes target package from Custom Metal Products (CMP) Steel Targets is the perfect setup for those looking to train in the sport of small-bore silhouette. Toolless setup is an attractive feature of this highly portable target. Swinging from the preassembled crossbeam are the same silhouettes you’d shoot in a traditional small-bore silhouette match: ram, pig, chicken and turkey. Not a fan of competitive shooting? No worries, as this target is also a blast when used simply for a good old-fashioned plinking session. custommetalprod.com


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