New for 2023: Gunsite Glock Service Pistol

America's oldest and largest private training facility meets one of America's best-loved defensive pistols. The result? Perfection.

posted on January 19, 2023

Robust. Reliable. Accurate. Affordable. These are the four watchwords of any defensive handgun, according to the legendary founder of Gunsite Academy, Jeff Cooper. Gunsite is America's oldest and largest private firearms training facility, so it's no wonder that Cooper's requirements are as important today as ever. What's different about "today" is that technology has advanced since Cooper's raven first flew over the Arizona desert. That's where Gunsite's partnership with Glock comes in ... creating the Gunsite Glock Service Pistol.

Glock is, of course, the Austrian manufacturer of one of America's best-loved defensive pistols, the Glock 45 ... and Glock's adage is quite simple: Perfection. But Austrian perfection and American perfection aren't always defined the same way. Gunsite needed more from the Glock 45 to add its own seal of approval.

Chambered in 9 mm, this true fighting pistol has a number of enhancements. It's slide-milled for a direct-mount optic, which means that your reflex sight won't be dislodged by the forces of recoil over time. It features an FBI magazine catch for swift reloads and a lanyard loop for when things get really kinetic. Currently available through Davidson's and the Gunsite pro shop, the Gunsite Glock Service Pistol just might be the "perfection" you're after. 


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