On a Mission for Mountain Goat

Kristy Titus embarks on an arduous journey up—and down—and up again in an attempt to get within rifle's reach of a billy goat.

posted on August 17, 2022

Certain types of hunting involve a lot of sitting and a lot of waiting, as is often the case for whitetail deer. Although hours in a treestand can afford one the opportunity to catch up on a good book, podcast or even an overdue nap, the physical aspect of this type of hunting can be as predictable and limited as a hunter chooses.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, hunters in pursuit of the most challenging North American game will often aspire to mountain goats. It’s a nearly impossible tag to draw, but if you’re lucky enough to do so, you had better be in the best shape of your life, physically and mentally. The rugged, unforgiving terrain makes this hunt not only taxing, but extremely dangerous, as you will be ascending thousands of feet up mountains in order to get close enough for a clean shot.

Which is why we at NRA Women find this Pursue the Wild episode featuring Kristy Titus so captivating, as she embarks on an ambitious journey up—and down—and up again, in an attempt to get within her rifle’s reach of her billy goat. Watch the full video to trek along with Kristy and her pack as she works tirelessly in the mountains of British Columbia for eight days to achieve her goal.


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