Camdyn Powers Wins National Rimfire League Ladies Championship

Powers topped the Ladies division at the 2024 NRL22 Championship, finishing in seventh place on the overall leaderboard.

by posted on June 28, 2024
Camdyn Powers Main

NRA Women congratulates Burris Optics sponsored shooter Camdyn Powers, who took the championship title in the Ladies division at the 2024 NRL22 Championship in Frederic, Wisconsin, June 21-23. In addition, she finished in seventh place on the overall leaderboard.

A field-style match, this year’s competition featured 22 stages and a round count of 220.

Powers walked away from the 2024 NRL22 Championship with a final raw score of 1941.58. Facing a field of highly skilled competitors at the match, aiding her in clinching the victory was the Burris Optics XTR Pro riflescope.

“This match pushed my mental and physical abilities, but I managed to navigate the challenges and make wind adjustments effectively on the clock,” Powers said. “It was my best two-day match performance with achieving a 95 percent hit percentage of the top shooter. With my XTR Pro, I could see the target clearly and bullet trace for accurate adjustments that led to impacts.”

Powers’ NRL22 Ladies Championship win and her seventh-place overall finish highlights not only her exceptional talent, but also the reliability and performance of the Burris XTR Pro.

Burris Optics is proud to support shooters who push the boundaries of their sport and achieve greatness.

“We are incredibly proud of Camdyn Powers and her outstanding success at the NRL22 Championship,” Burris Optics Director of Marketing Jordan Egli said. “Her victory is a testament to her hard work and determination, and we’re honored that she chose the Burris XTR Pro riflescope for her competition. This achievement underscores our mission to support shooters with the highest quality optics available.”

You can see the full results of the 2024 NRL22 Championship at the NRL22 website.

Learn more about Burris Optics at


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