How to Catch Ejected Shotgun Shells (and Also Have Perfect Pitch)

Watch as Remington Pro Shooter Julia Stallings demonstrates the steps for a great catch that will make you the life of the shotgun party.

posted on September 20, 2022

Trick shooting used to be how sharpshooters dazzled the audience during the traveling Wild West Shows (think Annie Oakley and “Buffalo Bill” Cody). While that genre of entertainment has largely faded into the history books, tricks with firearms still command an audience. For instance, besides busting 25 clays, you can also impress friends both on and off the field by effortlessly catching your spent shotshell hulls as they are ejected. Although it looks a bit tricky, there is a sequence of steps with which, after some practice, will have your friends begging for a lesson. Watch this video as Remington Pro Shooter Julia Stallings demonstrates the steps for a perfect catch that will keep you the life of the shotgun party.

But don’t stop there. Keep watching for a great tip on a more serious topic—preventing your cheek from getting bit by your shotgun stock—as Stallings shows you how to fix the pitch on your buttstock by adding a shim (whether a quarter or piece of cardboard) to make sure you have better contact with your gun on your shoulder. This will prevent it from riding up and hitting you in the cheek. While getting bit by your stock is no party, this is one great trick to help save the shoulders of your fellow shooters.


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