Low-Light Shooting & Gun-Mounted Lights: What to Know

Here's how to use the light to your advantage even when you're defending in the dark.

posted on July 14, 2022

Think about it: Are you more likely to be attacked in broad daylight, or after dark? Many defensive experts recommend you think seriously about adding a gun-mounted light to your defensive firearm. One of such expert is Smith & Wesson GUNSMARTS instructor Ken Scott, and in this episode, you'll learn some of the basics of low-light shooting with a gun-mounted light.

Yes, the technology we're discussing is, essentially, a flashlight. However, once it's mounted on your gun, you won't be using it in exactly the same way you use a regular flashlight. That's because there are two competing and extremely important factors at work: First, that you need to identify your target and what is beyond it; an second, that you need to do so without affecting your ability to see anything else.

You already know that your eyes need to adjust from bright to dark, and that it takes some time. If you accidentally illuminate too much of your own field of view with that gun-mounted light, you risk your night vision. The good news is that there's a way to compensate ... although you'll have to start by breaking some habits. Here's how to do it.


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