Most Popular Guns at AG & AG's 2021 National Conference

Which makes and models of pistols did this women's shooting league bring to train with at A Girl & A Gun's 2021 National Conference?

by posted on May 20, 2021
AGAG Most Popular
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We love it when new data corroborates existing data or confirms hunches. In this case, observations about the types of handguns and gear brought to the 2021 A Girl and A Gun National Conference supports what other groups like The Well Armed Woman and our own Ladies Pistol Project have documented.

According to a new report out of the April AG & AG conference, participants were required to undergo a “gear check” process whereby their handguns, belts, holsters and mag pouches they brought to train with were all reviewed and function checked.

While doing so, AG & AG had the foresight to note the brands, models and type of gear, offering further insight into the preferences among the 450 women who brought personal handguns and other gear. (Note: RISE 2021 Gear Check logs listed brands and models of handguns, belts, holsters, and mag pouches. No serial numbers or personally identifiable data was collected. No information on rifles or shotguns was collected during gear check.)

Broken down by brand, it comes as no surprise that of the 626 handguns checked in by the attendees, one-third of them were Glocks, with the Glock 19 being the most prevalent model, followed by the Glock 17. Some women brought more than one Glock. That also comes as no surprise to those of us who are paying attention to what other women are shooting. These days, many women are offered a Glock to shoot as their first pistol (or at least their first semi-automatic pistol). Its ease of use imprints immediately, often creating an instant brand loyalty.

But there are many other popular models finding favor among women. Next in popularity among this group was the SIG Sauer brand, which came in second (18 percent), with the P320 and P365 models being the most common. It was followed closely by Smith & Wesson and various models from its M&P and Shield lines. These pistols also ranked high in other surveys.

Corroborating data such as this from multiple sources serves as additional proof that these manufacturers are paying attention to which features women prefer in their guns and gear. It is no coincidence they have responded accordingly, expanding their offerings exponentially in recent years. We are grateful for groups like AG & AG and others, whose active and vocal members deserve credit for this upward trend in creating guns that women want.

We are providing a shortened "Top 10" lists of brands and models, but be sure to visit the AG & AG website for the complete findings as well as a deeper dive into the guns and gear, including holsters and belts, used at the 2021 AG & AG National Conference. 







Smith & Wesson






Heckler & Koch








Canik 2%






S&W M&P 




SIG P320


SIG P365






S&W M&P Shield 


Springfield XDM


S&W M&P Shield EZ



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