New Concealed Carry Handgun Bags from Falco Holsters

Each off-body carry bag features a generous handgun storage compartment that delivers immediate accessibility to the everyday carry firearm.

by posted on August 30, 2022
Falco Concealed Carry Bag Lede

If off-body carry is your preferred method of concealment, you no doubt are aware that the fanny pack has made something of a high-fashion comeback. As convenient as they are, many of us still can't stand the idea of sporting the sometimes sloppy look of the 80s and 90s must-have accessory, which was always worn at the middle of the waist, usually ruining the aesthetic of a well-thought-out ensemble. Sure, there are modern, trendier options, but what if, instead, you sling a sleek concealed-carry bag over your shoulder or around your thigh? Now that's stylish—and cannot at all confused with a fanny pack. In fact you’d be hard pressed to include the word “fanny” on any of the superb concealed-carry bags offered by Falco Holsters, including its latest four new Simple Concealed Carry Handgun Bags.

Each off-body carry bag features a generous handgun storage compartment and the innovative Falco Holsters loop/zipper system that delivers immediate accessibility to the everyday carry firearm. All models are in-stock and available immediately.

“Recognizing lifestyle and circumstances dictate how people carry their firearms, we remain committed to developing discreet, EDC holsters for use in every possible situation,” said Falco Holsters CEO Róbert Ková?. “Maintain your discretion and carry with confidence whether you’re shopping, hiking, hunting, or around town.”

“The new G200 Series Simple Concealed Carry Handgun Bags are an extension of our popular G100 Series of Concealed Carry Handgun Bags,” Ková said. And while the new everyday carry bags are streamlined in design, their functionality and versatility remain the same, he said. “One-handed access to your gun is convenient and fast, regardless of which bag you choose. Plus, the bags eliminate the worry of printing and don’t interfere with your clothing—wear whatever you choose,” he added.

Included in the new series are the G201 Large, Tactical Bag ($99.95); G210 Shoulder Bag ($99.95);  G213 Thigh Bag (79.95); and the G222 CrossBody Bag ($79.95).

All the bags are constructed from durable, water-resistant ballistic nylon, each bag features an integrated internal gun holster in the primary storage compartment large enough to contain sidearms with tactical lights or lasers.

The main gun storage compartment is fitted with a convenient, easy-to-use loop/zipper system offering instant access and one-handed gun retrieval. (Watch a short video to see how to operate the loop/zipper system.) Simply grab the loop and pull it with one hand to open the compartment, then remove the gun with the other hand.

The Falco Holsters G200 Series bags completely conceal CCWs and have ample space for other everyday items like phones, keys, wallets, and spare magazines. Additional pockets keep belongings organized and close at hand.



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