NRA Publications Announces 2024 Golden Bullseye Award Winners

Now in their 22nd year, the awards recognize the firearm industry’s top products and leaders.

by posted on December 20, 2023
GBA Winners 2024

The winners of NRA Publications’ 2024 Golden Bullseye Awards—now in their 22nd year—have been announced. The Golden Bullseye Awards recognize the firearm industry’s top products as voted on by NRA Publications’ staff editors.“Last year was one of massive new product introductions from the recreational shooting sports industry,” said NRA Publications’ Executive Director Doug Hamlin. “As a result, the NRA Publications editorial staff had some tough decisions to make to identify the best all new products.”

NRA Women 2024 Golden Bullseye Award Winners:


The awards are selected by the editorial staffs of four of NRA Publications’ properties through a rigorous evaluation process, and they are each reviewed by NRA Publications’ management. “Thank you to the dedicated NRA Publications editorial staffers who tested and evaluated hundreds of new products before making their 2024 Golden Bullseye selections,” said Hamlin. The awards are presented by American Rifleman, “the World’s Oldest and Largest Firearm Authority,” NRA’s American Hunter magazine, the world’s largest circulation hunting magazine, NRA’s most contemporary Official Journal, Shooting Illustrated, as well as by NRA Publication’s fastest-growing web property,

The Golden Bullseye Pioneer Award specifically honors outstanding personal achievement. The Pioneer Award spotlights the exemplary achievement and cumulative body of work of an individual, or members of a family, team or partnership, responsible for the development and introduction of shooting equipment that has made a profound, positive and enduring impact on the way Americans shoot and hunt.

Selected for the 2024 Pioneer Award is Brandon Maddox. “A heartfelt congratulations to Silencer Central founder and CEO Brandon Maddox on his Pioneer award recognition,” said Hamlin. “Brandon epitomizes the entrepreneurial spirit that is alive and well in United States of America. He has really opened up the silencer new product category to the masses.”

This year there is a new and significant Golden Bullseye Award. While most acknowledge the finest products available in the shooting sports, the “A1F Freedom Award” from the NRA’s America’s 1st Freedom is for a person (or team) who has distinguished themselves as a standout defender of our Second Amendment freedom in business, politics and/or American culture. Some recipients might be defenders of our right to keep and bear arms in the political arena. Others might be doing so in Hollywood or in the media. And still others might be impacting the shooting sports in business in such a positive way that they are instrumental in enhancing and, therefore, saving this precious freedom for future generations. Whatever the case, they are being commended for all they do and have done for our freedom.

Larry and Brenda Pottterfield, founders and owners of MidwayUSA, were selected as the inaugural recipients of the “A1F Freedom Award” as nominated by the editors of NRA Publications’ Official Journal America’s 1sT Freedom. “I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Larry and Brenda Potterfield for more than 35 years,” said Hamlin. “As shooting and hunting enthusiasts themselves their passion for everything in the shooting sports industry, and the people who participate in the activities that have shaped American culture is unparalleled. Larry and Brenda are selfless and most generous. Their long-standing support of the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) is most appreciated.”

To qualify for consideration for a Golden Bullseye Award, the product must have been:

  • Recently introduced and available to consumers prior to the selection of the Golden Bullseye Awards
  • Used/tested by a staff member or regular contributor to the magazine and/or affiliated media
  • Reliable in the field, meeting or exceeding the evaluator’s expectations
  • Innovative in design and function
  • Readily perceived as a value to the purchaser
  • Styled in a manner befitting the shooting and hunting industry and, perhaps more importantly, its enthusiasts.

The 2024 Golden Bullseye Awards as well as the Pioneer Award and the Freedom Award will be presented in person at an invitation-only event during the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Dallas, Texas. 

The complete list of this year's award winners is as follows:

America’s 1st Freedom “Freedom Award”
Larry and Brenda Potterfield/MIdwayUSA

NRA Publications Pioneer Award
Brandon Maddox, Founder/CEO Silencer Central

NRA Women Golden Bullseye Winners
Handgun of the Year
Ruger Security-380 LiteRack

Accessory of the Year
The Headrest Safe

Industry Woman of the Year
Karen Butler, Shoot Like a Girl

Shooting Illustrated Golden Bullseye Winners
Handgun of the Year
Springfield Armory Echelon

Rifle of the Year

Shotgun of the Year
Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol

Optic of the Year
Holosun SCRS

Ammunition of the Year
Speer Gold-Dot for PCCs

Accessory of the Year
Magpul DAKA Grid

Suppressor of the Year
Silencer Central Banish Speed K

American Rifleman Golden Bullseye Winners
Rifle Of The Year
Springfield Model 2020 Rimfire

Shotgun Of The Year
CZ 712 G3

Handgun Of The Year
EAA MC P35 Ops

Optic Of The Year
Trijicon RCR

Ammunition Of The Year
Federal Force X2 Shorty

Tactical Product Of The Year
Trailblazer Firearms Pivot

Accessory Of The Year
MDT 3-Round AICS Magazine

American Hunter Golden Bullseye Winners
Rifle of the Year
Marlin 336

Shotgun of the Year
TriStar Lever Action .410

Ammo of the Year
Remington 360 Buckhammer

Optic of the Year
Burris Veracity PH

Gear of the Year
Hornady Security Mobilis





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