Our Top 3 Azyre Gear Picks

Tough, comfortable and functional hunting gear doesn’t have to be hard to find.

by posted on March 11, 2022
Azyre Lede

More than just apparel, Azyre continues to add to its already impressive collection of hunting and shooting gear designed by women who shoot—for women who shoot. Each detail is meticulously accounted for to ensure you stay comfortable and active all day. Their gear is also extremely versatile and flattering allowing you to rock it on the slopes, trail, afield or Trader Joe’s.

Azyre fans already love the Conquer waterproof jacket, but now there is a new insulated version. It has 25 grams of down-like Primaloft synthetic for optimal warmth underneath a breathable hydrophobic shell with fully seam sealed zippers. The neck portion of the jacket features a soft lining so not to scratch your chin or face when bundled up against the elements. Elastic and Velcro cuffs along with a drawstring hem keep out wind, rain, sleet or snow coming from any direction while the adjustable hood protects your head. One of the best features of both the Conquer jackets is the silence of the material. This season your prey won’t be alerted by the swish-swish of other waterproof gear.

Like most women, I have a love-hate relationship with baseball hats. I hate that they don’t accommodate a high ponytail or bun, but love that they keep the sun off my face. Now you don’t have to choose between your preferred hairstyle and protecting your skin. The Inspire ponytail cap has an alternate opening for your hair. No more itchy buns on your neck or unflattering low ponytails! It’s also made out of a breathable mesh ensuring your comfort all day long.

Concealed carry doesn’t have to be hard with a convenient layer like this Believe vest. Available in black, lichen green and antler blush, this lightweight and water-resistant puffer vest features extra-large ambidextrous concealed carry pockets. There are even separate zipper pockets to carry your other essentials. Fans say it can fit any size gun from a .380 ACP to a 1911 10 mm. This is a highly convenient and stylish piece of athleisure that you can grab on your way out the door every day.

These incredibly thoughtful designs are brought to you by the founder Cari Goss. She says that the meaning behind Azyre’s mission is in the product names. Her company can be distilled into 5 key words: Vision, Believe, Achieve, Conquer and Inspire. You can find the remainder of the Conquer, Inspire and Believe collections as well as explore her Vision and Achieve product lines at AzyreGear.com.


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