Sofia Monteiro Awarded 2023 Women’s Wildlife Management Conservation Scholarship

Sofia Monteiro, a student at the University of Georgia (UGA) pursuing a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife with an emphasis in Wildlife Science at the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources.

by posted on June 17, 2024
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NRA Women congratulates Sofia Monteiro for being awarded the Women’s Wildlife Management Conservation Scholarship by the NRA.

Sofia Monteiro is currently a student at the University of Georgia (UGA) pursuing a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife with an emphasis in Wildlife Science at the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources. She is also a student in the Morehead Honors College. She graduated from the Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology in 2022.

Sofia is very involved with her campus community. In addition to her involvement with the UGA Catholic Center, she also serves as an officer in a variety of student organizations. She is the vice president of UGA’s student chapter of The Wildlife Society, the vice president of the UGA Herpetological Society, and she serves as an officer of the Lilly Branch Audubon Society (LBAS). She is also the manager of the Bird Collision Monitoring project through LBAS where she leads a team of student volunteers to keep track of bird collisions with campus windows in hopes of raising enough awareness to apply bird-safe films to building windows. Sofia was awarded the William Moore Crane Leadership Scholarship in 2024 for her work with bird collisions monitoring. Sofia is also involved with bird research at UGA, helping study Yellow-rumped warblers and Chuck-will’s widows as they pass through Athens, Georgia.  

Additionally, Sofia finds time to be the co-lead ambassador of the Warnell Student Ambassador Program where she helps represent Warnell at events, connect with alumni, works at outreach events with prospective students, works at environmental education events with ambassador animals, and facilitates interactions within the student body at Warnell.

She hopes to obtain a master’s degree and eventually a PhD. Birds are her passion, and her goal is to do ornithology research at an academic institution. “I am very honored to receive this scholarship,” said Sofia. I hope that with this scholarship money I can continue to learn and gain experience in my field. As a female minority, I hope to be a role model and advocate for diversity in the wildlife conservation field.”    

About the Women’s Wildlife Management Conservation Scholarship
The Women’s Wildlife Conservation Scholarship, established by the NRA Women’s Policies Committee, is a renewable one-year $5,000 scholarship available to full-time college sophomores, juniors, or seniors. Applications will be evaluated based upon their knowledge of conservation and/or natural resource issues, and their commitment to becoming a leader in the realm of conservation.


  • Female undergraduate student in a recognized conservation or environmental-related degree program (i.e. habitat restoration, wildlife biology, conservation). Research projects may be eligible for consideration;
  • Enrolled as a full-time college sophomore, junior or senior (12 credit hours per semester minimum);
  • Minimum 3.0 on a 4.0 scale GPA required.

To apply for this scholarship, go here.


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