The Armed Citizen® March 15, 2024

An armed mother defended her family from a man who broke into their apartment at 5 a.m.

by posted on March 15, 2024
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Around 5 a.m. on a Sunday morning, a woman heard banging on her apartment door. According to reports, the woman was approaching the door when a man entered. The woman immediately retrieved her firearm out of her purse and asked the man to identify himself. The man, however, ignored her orders and continued advancing toward her. In fear for her life and in order to protect her two children, who were also in the apartment, the woman fired at the man, fatally wounding him. The woman notified police, who arrived at the scene to find the deceased man. After questioning at police headquarters, the woman was determined to have acted in self-defense and was released without charges being filed. (WISTV; Columbia, S.C; 2/11/24)


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