Top Fashion Finds from SHOT Show 2022

Adventure aesthetics and functionality meet in these fashion finds.

by posted on February 2, 2022
Gatorz Skyhook Glasses

Venor Antler Leggings
Venor is a hunting inspired clothing brand dedicated to adventurous women interested in looking as epic as their accomplishments. These antler leggings are comfortable, moisture-wicking and flattering. The unique design is sure to turn heads while the signature fabric is SPF 30 providing sun protection for all of your outdoor excursions. They’re made in the U.S.A. and pair perfectly with Venor’s casual tops and accessories. Finally, there is a fashion line designed for women hunters that isn’t just pink camouflage …

Gatorz Skyhook Glasses
Gatorz creates aesthetically pleasing glasses for adventure enthusiasts. Gatorz glasses are made from aerospace grade aluminum, meaning they are lightweight and adjustable. By properly bending the frames and nose piece, the glasses can be adjusted to fit any face size and shape. The Skyhook’s classic aviator style meets impact resistant polycarbonate lenses to create durable and stylish shades. The lenses are polarized and available in a wide variety of mirrored colors. The temples of the frames are purposefully thin so that they are still comfortable under helmets or ear protection.

Rounded Concealed Carry Leggings
These durable and breathable leggings offer two concealed carry pockets: appendix and 5 o’clock. Rounded CCW leggings are great for working out, lounging or running errands because they are quick-dry, anti-odor and offer two side pockets for your phone or other small belongings. Best for micro-compact or compact pistols, these leggings are functional and stylish. Add a trigger guard and you’re all set to securely and comfortably carry your firearm everywhere you go.


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