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Horman Marlin 336 001 (1)

6 Reasons to Cheer the Return of Marlin's Classic 336

This old-school blued steel and walnut lever gun is still an ideal option for hunting.

The Shame of Missing Game

Everybody misses an animal from time to time, but that doesn’t make it sting any less when it happens to you.

Natural Point of Aim: What It Is and Why It’s So Important

What’s the big deal about "natural point of aim" in precision shooting?

Nosler Offers Ammo Support and More at Oregon Ladies Hunting Camp

Participants received hands-on training and personalized guidance to help bolster their confidence in the field.

NRA Celebrates August as National Shooting Sports Month

Now in its seventh year, the National Shooting Sports Foundation's initiative continues to encourage participation in the shooting sports.

Explained: The Three Types of Ballistics

A projectile goes through three stages during its flight. What do you need to know about each stage?

Understanding Terminal Performance

We hear this term bantered about a lot when it comes to ammunition. But what exactly does it mean, and how does it affect your success in the field or for self-defense?

Backcountry Backups: Popular Protection Guns Used by Hunting Guides

Want to be as safe in the backcountry as your hunting guide? Here are some of the most popular firearms that make great backups.

How to Make Chuckwagon Camp Cowboy Coffee 

Once you have your first cup of cowboy coffee like they were made in TV Westerns, you will be forever changed. Here are the secrets to the perfect cup.

New for 2023: Weatherby Orion SxS Shotgun

You might feel inexplicably compelled to don a tweed jacket and a pair of Wellies on your next upland bird hunt—that is, if you are also sporting the new side-by-side shotgun in Weatherby’s Orion family.

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