5 More Subtle Ways to Stage Your Defensive Guns

Here’s how to hide your home-defense gun where you need it the most.

by posted on May 28, 2020
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Tactical Traps 36C Shelf
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In 5 Subtle Gun Storage Tactics for Home or Car we demonstrated unique ways to store firearms around your home—which naturally leads us to bring you five more ways … with a twist. There are some truly innovative furniture and home-décor manufacturers who are offering beautiful, highly functional items that will enhance your home’s appearance even as they help you protect that home. If your personal situation allows it, each one of these options allows you to hide your defensive firearm right where your home-defense plan suggests you’ll need it … and nobody will know it’s there but you.

1. TacticalWALLS 1420 Firearm Concealment Mirror Gun Safe
If you’d like to know who your first and best line of self-defense is, just look in the mirror—your TacticalWALLS 1420 Firearm Concealment Mirror Gun Safe (Hinged), that is. The company was one of the first manufacturers to bring gun-concealment furniture and home décor to market, and they’re holding strong with new products every year. This new model is a favorite of ours, because it can be installed in very compact areas. Per the company, this home defense solution is recessed between 16" on center studs (and does require a hole in your wall). In fact, you don’t have to have a mirror; you can request a chalkboard surface or even a custom image that you supply! MSRPs depend on the various options available, but start at $321. For more information, visit tactical walls.com.

2. Tactical Traps 36C Shelf
As you browse the gun-hiding furniture options available, you may notice that the décor trends towards the rustic. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that at all (hunting-cabin chic for the win!), but if your current décor is more contemporary, a “country”-themed object will stick out like a sore thumb. That’s why we love the Tactical Traps 36C Shelf—the C stands for “contemporary,” thank you very much—with its modern, sleek, unobtrusive lines. A hidden door release concealsup to two full-size pistols, and is available in black, white and unfinished veneers. MSRP $297; for more, visit Tactical Traps.com.


3. BassPro Gun Concealment Ottoman 
Take a moment to consider the humble footstool, because nobody else does … and that’s the point. This gun-concealing ottoman from BassPro is designed to fit neatly and unobtrusively into your bedroom, gaming room or living room, and it’s got a handy storage compartment under the lid for your lap blanket and magazines…and a false bottom, under which you can store up to five long guns along with handguns, spare mags, ammunition—you name it! Its dimensions are 50½" wide, 19½" deep and 21½" high. It’s not currently available for purchase online, but BassPro features a handy tool that lets you find the store where you can get yours. Go to BassPro.com .

4. NRA Minuteman Concealed Mantel Clock
What time is it? Well, it’s always time for the Second Amendment, and of course the NRA Store is keeping the beat with our NRA Minuteman Concealed Mantel Clock. There are a lot of terrific reasons to include this handsome timepiece in your home-protection plan. We’ll start with the fact that it’s only $49.95, and that it’s in stock right now. Next, we love that there’s no installation necessary at all. Move the clock wherever you’d prefer to have your home-defense handgun stashed, and admire the beauty of its fine craftsmanship and subtle NRA clockface. Plus, 100 percent of profits go to support vital NRA programs! See more at NRAStore.com.

5. Liberty Home Concealment Small Classic American Flag Gun Concealment Case
Through the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gives proof through the night that the flag will always still be there. What better way to show your patriotic pride while keeping the means to defend it handy than the Liberty Home Concealment Small Classic American Flag Gun Concealment Case? Available with and without an RFID digital lock—definitely a boon for those of us with small children—these handsome wall decorations come in a staggering 17 different American Flag finishes. Constructed of fine hardwoods and lined with foam to safeguard your valuables, this case starts at $144.99, with an additional $45 upcharge for the RFID lock. See more at LibertyHomeConcealment.com.

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