5 Reasons to Check out Mossberg's New Optics Ready MC2sc Micro-Nine Pistol

Mossberg blends the features of its MC pistol series with an optics ready slide to make a Micro Nine pistol ideal for daily carry. 

by posted on October 25, 2021
MC2 001 NW Mc2scrd W Cover.

Previously we posted a review of Mossberg's MC2c, a compact striker-fired, polymer framed 9 mm which turned out to have a great balance of features for home defense or concealed carry. This year, red-dot optics-ready pistols and double-stack magazine “micro nines” are all the rage. Mossberg already had the right pistol features to jump into this pistol category. All they needed to do was put them together in the same package. That’s just what they did for the launch of the new MC2sc pistol. Here are a few good reasons to give this carry pistol a closer look.

1. Best-of-Both Features
The MC2sc combines the best daily carry features of Mossberg's two previous MC pistol models. It has the shorter 3.4" barrel and reduced grip length of the MC1sc subcompact while accepting the same slim profile, double-stack magazines developed for the compact MC2c. The new MC2sc can be ordered without an external thumb safety or with a push-button, cross-bolt type thumb safety located just behind the trigger.

2. Micro Nine Ammunition Capacity
The original MC1sc pistol was designed to accept 6- or 7-round single-stack magazines. The pair of double stack magazines shipped with the MC2sc bring the ammunition capacity up significantly without making the grip thicker. They include a flush-fit 11-round model along with an extended 14-round magazine (which holds one more round than the compact MC2c). The longer 14-round magazine is outfitted with a removable polymer sleeve which acts as a grip extension. Using this magazine adds 0.6" to fully support the shooting hand’s little finger.

3. Optics-Ready Slide
The top of the MC2sc slide is milled to accept the smaller micro red-dot optics with a JPoint or Shield profile. Removing the slide filler plate allows the optic to be directly mounted to the slide without the need for a mounting plate. Customers can choose from standard metallic 3-dot Sights or upgrade to TRUGLO Tritium Pro Night Sights for around $100 more. The pistol's 3-dot sight system can be co-witnessed with an optic if one is installed.

The MC2sc shown with a Crimson Trace model CTS-1550 open reflex sight installed.

4. Mossberg Has Holsters Ready to Go
Having to hunt around to find a comfortable holster to fit a new pistol outfitted with an optic can be a pain in the neck. Mossberg got out in front of this problem by lining up new optics-compatible holsters ahead of the release. They are available through the company's online store. Shown here is a precision molded Kydex holster made for Mossberg by DeSantis Gunhide. It ships with the hardware required for inside or outside the waistband carry for $49.99. The matching Qisntico Kydex double magazine is available for $38.99.

5. Surprisingly Pleasant Practice Sessions (With the Right Ammunition)
Lightweight Micro Nine style pistols with compact grips can be downright snappy in the felt recoil department. Earlier this year, Mossberg flew a group of media members out to Gunsite Academy in Arizona. There we got to work with the new MC2sc in live fire, shooting class type events. If you want to find out if a particular defensive pistol is actually a good fit for you, a shooting class is the way to do it! Hornady provided plenty of its Critical Duty 135-gr. Flexlock 9 mm ammunition for us to fire through the pistols. The slightly heavier bullet, launched at a more moderate velocity, produced a level of felt recoil that was comfortable to work with throughout the event.

What I liked best about the MC2c last year was how natural the grip and flat-faced trigger were to work with. The MC2sc has the same great feel to it with a grip shaped to fit folks with smaller hands as well as bigger mitts. With its ammunition capacity, reliability and red-dot optics ready slide, it’s ready to take on the competition in this growing segment of the self-defense market. MSRP for this pistol starts at $556. To learn more, visit mossberg.com.




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