5th Annual NRA Women Ladies Pistol Project Wraps Up

The 47 participants commenced LPP5 with 19 semi-automatic pistols—9mms and .380s—sending more than 5,000 rounds downrange in search of a gun that is "right for her."

by posted on October 23, 2023
Lpp5 Wrap Up 6

Forty-seven women sent more than 5,000 rounds of FMJ Winchester ammunition downrange during the 5thAnnual NRA Women Ladies Pistol Project (LPP5), held Oct. 22, 2023, in conjunction with the incomparable staff of Worth-a-Shot Firearms & Training based in Millersville, Maryland. The highly anticipated event took place at the 12th Precinct Pistol & Archery Club in nearby Harwood, Maryland.

In this fifth edition—the second largest LPP to date—participants were invited to survey 19 models of semi-automatic pistols, 10 of which were chambered in 9 mm; 9 were in .380 ACP caliber. As in previous LPPs, women were asked to fire five rounds from each firearm, then complete an 18-question true/false survey about each model. The LPP surveys are designed to ascertain which features on the pistols that the ladies prefer, with the goal of helping each woman decide which gun is “right for her.” The guns were not rated for accuracy, rather on the form and function of each and how well each woman could perform the mandatory functions such as manipulating the slide; locking back the slide; releasing the magazine; loading the magazine, and more.

LPP5 participants comprised women from all walks of life and age ranges. The most junior participant was 21; the most senior was 78. Their experience level ranged from lifelong shooters to first-time shooters—all of whom were required to participate in a preliminary 2-hour handgun operation and safety course. 

Pistols were selected from some of today's newest models such as the EAA Girsan MC 24 T (tipup), the just-released Taurus GX4 Carry, the Walther PDP-F, as well as perennial favorites like the Glock 19, SIG Sauer P365XL and others. In the .380 category we brought in a selection of new and classic models such as the Ruger Security-380, the P365-380 Rose, the Beretta Cheetah, the Browning 1911-380, as well as some fan favorites of LPPs past like the Glock 42. At the end of the day which pistols did the ladies prefer to shoot most? We don't yet know, as results will be tabulated in coming weeks. Results will post on NRAWomen.com, while the event itself will be the subject of two American Rifleman TV shows scheduled to air in February 2024.

Meantime, NRA Women would like to extend its more sincere appreciation to the companies and firearm manufacturers who believe in the Ladies Pistol Project enough to help sponsor one of the most enjoyable and educational events of the year:

Worth-a-Shot Firearms
Winchester Ammunition
CrossBreed Holsters
12th Precinct Pistol & Archery Club

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