6 Creepy Woodland Creatures to Look Out for on Halloween  

Here’s your spooky field guide to America’s creepiest creatures!

by posted on October 28, 2022
Creepy Woods On Halloween

October is the time of year when many of us head to the fields or deep into the woods to go hunting, camping or hiking. This is also when there is a greater chance of encountering the creepiest creatures of North America, as the veil thins between their world and ours. Depending on where you hunt, camp or hike, you just might encounter one of the mystery monsters of the great outdoors. Some call them legend, some call them real, but whatever you call them, they make for great stories around the campfire!

Sasquatch, commonly referred to as Bigfoot, is a large ape-like creature with thick black or brown fur. Sasquatch is usually associated with the mountainous regions of the Northwest; most Sasquatch sightings occur in the states of Oregon and Washington. Sightings have also occurred in the thick forest of the Eastern and Southeastern United States (like the Bennington Triangle).

Sasquatch is very unpredictable and can be extremely dangerous! There are two recorded attacks on humans. President Theodore Roosevelt documented a deadly encounter with a Sasquatch in his 1890 book, The Wilderness Hunter. Roosevelt recounts the story of two trappers in the Montana and Wyoming Territories. They were stalked by a Sasquatch for several days. Each day that they went trapping, they returned to a destroyed camp. They decided to leave the area because of the creature, so they went out one last time to retrieve their traps. One of the trapper’s uneaten corpse was later found with a broken neck and claw and bite marks all over his body. (image source: visitredwoods.com)

Chupacabra stands approximately 4 feet tall. It has a pronounced spinal ridge with long quills running down its back. Chupacabra are encountered in Northern Mexico and in the Southwestern United States. Some believe that the Chupacabra is a large dog or wolf that was bitten and infected by another Chupacabra.

The Chupacabra drains the blood of its victims. It prefers livestock and domestic animals. They can be extremely dangerous if you suddenly walk upon one. They are increasing in numbers and sightings are becoming more common. In 2010, a Texas woman reported being attacked by a Chupacabra. She was walking down a trail when she suddenly startled the creature, which creature lunged at her and bit her arm. (image source: Ancient-Origens.net)

Wendigo can be encountered in Eastern Canada, the Great Lakes Region and the Great Plains Region of the United States. The Wendigo is a hideous, foul-smelling humanoid creature with long claws and piercing eyes that lives on human flesh. This creature normally makes its appearance in harsh winter storms. It likes to toy with its victims before it goes in for the kill. It will stalk its victims for hours without trying to hide its hideous features. Before the Wendigo goes in for the kill, it lets out a blood-curdling scream that paralyzes its victim. (image source: Ancient-Origens.net)

Wechuge can be encountered in Western Canada and Pacific Northwest. The creature is formed of ice and born out of the cursed souls of humans who violate the customs and embrace taboos. A Wechuge is different from many forest monsters in that used to be human, and are now cursed to cannibalize other people to live Wechuge are human-like in appearance, but disguise themselves in the form of animals so they can slip through the forest onto unsuspecting victims. Some have antlers, while others might have wings or horns. (image source: HistoryCollection.com)

Skinwalkers can be encountered in the American Southwest. This creature attacks those who are spotted alone in the woods. Skinwalkers also break into homes or tents of unsuspecting individuals and take the sleeping victim.

The Skinwalker legend has its origins in Navajo Culture. Skinwalkers can take the form of animals or people that they possess. The Skinwalker locks eyes with its intended victim and takes their form. They may even dig up recent graves to take the form of those who have passed. (image source: KRQE/YouTube)

Jackalopes can be found through Montana and Wyoming, down to the Panhandle of Texas. They appear as a Jackrabbit with a set of antlers on their ears. Closer examination will show the Jackalope’s large canine teeth and sharp incisors, which it uses for tearing off chunks of flesh. At night, the Jackalope’s eyes glow a bright and piercing red.

Jackalopes seem harmless but they are fearsome creatures. The Jackalope only makes its appearance at night, where it prowls in the dark. When people sit around the campfire, it mimics the campers when they talk and sing. This lures one of the individuals away from the group where the Jackalopes pounce on their victim. This is when the prey finds out the Jackalope’s taste for flesh. (image source: TravelWyoming.com)

No matter what you believe, darkness brings out many creatures of the night. Next time you are in the woods, listen for that one sound that is out of place, feel the hairs on the back of your neck grow, and trust that feeling that you get when you are being watched. Embrace your fear as your primal emotion. 

Hopefully you will make it to the dawn to share your story …



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