8 Most Beautiful Locations I’ve Hunted

Melissa Bachman has hunted all over the world. Here are her eight most scenic destinations.

by posted on July 29, 2022
Yukon Moose

My lifelong passion for hunting has allowed me to travel to some pretty amazing locations across the globe. Every location has unforgettable unique attributes but these eight destinations stand out above the rest. Two of the things I love about hunting a variety of locations is the opportunity to meet incredible people, and the untouched landscape.

1. Yukon Moose
I’ve been lucky enough to do three Yukon moose hunts, and the sights were absolutely breathtaking on each trip. Usually I experience a wide variety of weather, and almost always have a day or two of snow, but on those crisp cold nights the northern lights really sparkle. Everything about where I’ve been in the Yukon is wild and untouched with no sign of people for hundreds of miles. I often see moose, caribou, bear, waterfowl, wolves and other wildlife, but the landscape is what most impresses me. Everywhere you point a camera is beautiful. If I had unlimited funds, I would hunt the Yukon every year. I hunted with Dave at Yukon Big Game Outfitters

2. Kodiak Brown Bear
Alaska in general is stunning, but Kodiak Island may be, in my opinion, the most beautiful area. The combination of complete wilderness and rugged, unforgiving terrain makes it so memorable. There are rivers, the ocean, mountains and tons of animals. The brown bears are some of the biggest in the world and the island has unbelievable deer hunting as well as mountain goat. Any hunt or excursion on Kodiak Island is a true adventure that will test both your physical and mental toughness. I hunted with Cole Kramer of Kodiak Outdoor Adventures. 

3. New Zealand Tahr
New Zealand is split up between two islands: the North Island and the South Island. I’ve had the privilege to hunt both locations, but my favorite is the South Island. The terrain is rugged and the views are absolutely stunning. My husband, Ben, and I did a hunt for tahr on the South Island, and on the way in we saw some of the most breathtaking blue water I’ve ever seen. We then headed to the mountains and were once again met with amazing views and an abundance of animals. I hunted with Zion Pilgrim of Wilderness Quest New Zealand

4. Spain Ibex
In college, I studied abroad in Spain and lived in Barcelona for six months. While I had an amazing time, I didn’t have any money to go on a hunting adventure. I vowed that someday I’d go back to hunt Ibex. I went back during December with my mom. A big snowstorm hit the day we arrived, but it made the countryside even more breathtaking that normal and also made it easier to spot the Ibex. The conditions were cold and the hunting was pretty physical, but in the end, it was a trip I’ll never forget. I hunted with Andrés Torrico of ATP Hunts

5. Mexico Mule Deer
There is a certain beauty about hunting the desert, and it becomes even more amplified when there are 200” mule deer running wild! Sonora, Mexico, was such an amazing place to hunt for many reasons. They have everything you’re looking for on a desert hunt in one beautiful and safe location: giant mule deer, record desert sheep, and a crazy amount of coyotes and predators. The ability to get up high and glass made the morning views something to remember. I hunted with Abraham Garcia of El Chaparral.

6. Argentina Doves, Ducks and Perdiz
Heading to Argentina for a bird hunt wasn’t something I always dreamed of doing, but upon arrival, it quickly became one of my favorite adventures! On this hunt I went after doves, ducks, perdiz and pigeons. It was non-stop action and such a great experience from start to finish. It was a very social hunt where I was able to enjoy my group’s company and really take in everything Argentina has to offer. I rode behind horses through swamps on the way to the duck blind and enjoyed lunch right where I was hunting. La Peregrina is a unique destination where hunters can find numerous unique birds in one central location. I hunted with Asis of Paco Riestra

7. Mozambique Cape Buffalo
I’ve had the good fortune to hunt in Africa on numerous occasions, but nothing compares to the beauty and wild of Mozambique. The long trek in is well worth it once you’re finally in camp, close to nothing but nature. At night hyenas came through camp fighting wild lions. I saw Cape buffalo, leopards, sable and plains game. It is a rich environment full of animals and landscapes that are one of a kind. If you want to see Africa without all the amenities of typical tourist locations, Mozambique is the place to be alone with nature. I hunted with Manuel Carona of Majune Safaris. 

8. South Dakota Elk and Deer
They say there’s no place like home, and I couldn’t agree more. Of course, traveling the world and hunting different locations is fun and exciting but there is something to be said for home sweet home. Many think of South Dakota as a flat, windy place, and although that can be true, it also has a vast amount of natural beauty. It’s the best location I could ask for to raise our children; the kindness of people is second to none. In the western part of the state, I have hunted beautiful pine covered hills for big elk, participated in excellent whitetail hunting and found a plentiful supply of mule deer. Pheasant hunting is also fantastic with tons of beautiful lodges that draw hunters from across the nation. South Dakota also has prairie dogs, antelope, Rocky Mountain bighorn (The world record was taken in 2018) and the very best turkey and coyote hunting I’ve ever experienced. Overall, it’s pretty tough to beat and definitely makes my top eight!


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