Father’s Day Gifts for Our Gun-Lovin’ Guys

Let’s show the father figures in our lives our appreciation with these unique Second Amendment focused products.

by posted on June 4, 2024
Rao Fathers Day Lede

As we honor our fathers on a special Sunday in June, we recognize not just their outdoor skills with a firearm or bow, but the values they instill and the memories they create. Let’s show them our appreciation with some of the most unique outdoor products on the market today.

While exploring more than 14 acres of the latest and greatest products, accessories, gadgets and gear from firearm, ammunition, and industry partners during the NRA Show in Dallas, Texas, May 17-19, I found my top 5 perfect gifts for Dad.

Utility Bag
BULBAG USA founder PJ Powell had a vision to recreate his World War II grandfather's practical and multi-functional map case bags. From what we can see, mission accompalished. Powell pays homage to his grandfather with these made-in-America multi-use, handsfree utility bags designed to hold up against daily wear and tear. 

BULBAGs can be used for anything and everything. Whether you are avid in the outdoors, are in law enforcement or the military, traveling for business, or in need of a day pack, there are BULBAGs suited for every purpose. Not a traditional backpack, the BULBAG can be worn on your back, side, crossbody, hip, chest, thigh, or anywhere else you feel comfortable while holding all of your gear. Bulbag.com

Gun Cabinet
If you are looking for a decorative way to secure your firearm, Bellewood Designs has what you are looking for. These handmade-in-the-U.S. products make for beautiful yet secure gun cabinets and safes. Visitors to your home would never suspect that attractive wooden-framed print or shadowbox hanging on the wall securely holds a firearm inside for your family’s safety.

Bellewood Designs Decorative & Secure Gun Cabinets & Safes provide a secure way to store your gun in any room. The front door of the cabinet is held by a very powerful magnetic lock. They chose the powerful magnet lock because unlike technology and batteries, magnets do not fail. When you have to access your firearm quickly, a quick touch of the powerful magnetic “key” in your possession will open the front door of your cabinet. You'll find a large selection of decorative gun cabinets and safes in a variety of styles and colors to match your home décor or for Dad’s “man cave!” You can also choose from recessed “in wall” hidden gun cabinets and safes. Among others, design categories include American flag designs, faith-themed, Second Amendment, nature and wildlife, and many more. Custom builds are also an option. BellewoodDesigns.com

Gun Belts and More
In 2019, the Georgia-based Cooke family began an online company selling gun belts for every day carry as well as tactical gear, and Charter Tactical was born. With a strong focus on the way we dress as it relates to firearms and accessories for everyday carry, the company focuses on quality products to fit the lifestyle and areas that work well—while making sure we look good too!

There are numerous products for the man who has it all. Shop for a wide variety of handguns, shotguns, rifles, black powder and archery equipment. You will be able to find ammunition, magazines, optics, and a selection of accessories to match your firearm of choice. Also check out the company’s line of camping and hunting gear, making sure customers are properly outfitted for their outdoor adventures. Chartertactical.com

Spare Mags
For the man that just cannot have enough magazines, visit The MagShack! This Florida-based company was founded in 2016, and staff are eager to help you find the right magazine for the right job. Whether you need a variety of magazines for different everyday carry guns, are searching for that hard-to-find mag, or if you just need more magazines to accompany you to the shooting range, this one-stop shop is right for you.

Recreational shooters and individuals who train on the range can be hard on their magazines. If you are practicing emergency reloads, the quick press of your mag release button drops your empty magazine to the ground so you can insert a new one. Frequent “mag-dumps” on range days happen, and The Mag Shack is there to provide quality products that will last during the toughest of training conditions. Customer service is the company’s forte, and they will be there to assist before and long after the sale. Themagshack.com

Leather Holster
You can look at this gift as an investment! Consider a hand-made item with hours of labor and love placed into each product. Since 1889, El Paso Saddlery has been producing some of the world’s finest holsters and gunbelts. No matter your preference, whether it be cowboy action shooting, authentic western gear, modern accessories, products for concealment, items for military or law enforcement, this company has it. Choose from holsters and belts, scabbards and saddlebags, and items for shotgun shooters. You can also choose submit your firearm's exact measurements for custom leatherworking for holsters and belts.

What makes this company unique is all of the gunleather El Paso Saddlery uses is made with premium quality materials and age-old techniques that have been passed down from one superior leather craftsman to another. Workers pride themselves “doing things the old-fashioned way” by handcrafting all their products and goods from start to finish. They understand their methods are time-consuming, but are also certain that you will appreciate the difference. They make some of the world’s finest, not the fastest! epsaddlery.com

In celebrating fathers who hunt, shoot, and enjoy all things outdoors, we honor not just their skills in the field, but the qualities that make them extraordinary fathers. They are dedicated, wise, and have unwavering love for their families. Here’s to all the remarkable men, whose passion for the outdoors and commitment to their loved ones improve everyone’s lives they touch. Happy Father's Day!



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