Fit for a King Buck: Winchester Launches Pet Products Lines

Better than a belly rub! Check out the new premium dog collars, leashes, bowls, vests, training tools and dog beds. 

by posted on December 10, 2023
Winchester Pet Products Line

Want to reward your favorite friend with something worthy of his loyalty? Better than a belly rub, Winchester has launched new pet products lines, the Winchester Signature series and premium brand, King Buck. The pet lines include a wide variety of dog collars, leashes, bowls, vests, training tools and dog beds. 

Winchester and The Third Bull & Co. have collaborated to develop high-quality products for the millions of pet owners throughout the United States. The Winchester Signature series and the premium brand, King Buck, will be available to purchase at big-box stores, select dealers and online retailers. 

“We are extremely excited to offer a very diverse lineup of pet products that feature the legendary Winchester and King Buck brands,” said Brett Flaugher, President of Winchester Ammunition. “As a brand of more than 150 years, it’s important that our products demonstrate a dedication to value, quality, and innovation that our customers can rely on.” 

To explore the Winchester pet lines and locate a retailer or dealer in your area, visit


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